Accessibility Roadmap for Feature Films for Education


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Feature Films for Education (FFUSA)

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January 2020

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Michael Korte

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Remediation Roadmap


Issue Description Current Status Remediation Timeline Available Workarounds Comments
FFUSA is missing the visual focus-ring indicator around tab focusable elements, e.g., focus visible Under investigation Q4, 2020 Use of assistive technology may help, but extra time for a user is recommended to familiarize themselves with the website.   The keyboard focus indicator is not visible on the Feature Films platform.
There is very poor keyboard-only navigation Under investigation Q4, 2020 For the most part, assistive technology can access Feature Films. It might take extra time for a user to familiarize themselves because of the limited accessibility features which are lacking in the current design. Keyboard-only navigation of page functionality is limited. For instance, on the homepage, only the first few films on display within each carousel genre seem to be available via the keyboard. It may be possible to navigate to additional films in a carousel genre, but only after several illogical keystrokes. A first-time user using assistive technology would find navigating with the keyboard difficult. Additionally, there are some main navigation elements, which do not receive keyboard focus, such as the Menu hamburger link. Redesign efforts in the future will focus on making the platform fully accessible via the keyboard. 
No Bypass Blocks Under investigation Q4, 2020 None Skip to Main Content link is not implemented in the application. Future updates and repairs will implement this feature as a top priority. 
There are missing identification features of user interface elements across all pages, e.g., name, role, value. Under investigation Q4, 2020 Assistive technology can access Feature Films, such as core video playback features, which are supported and identified by assistive technology. Navigation is also possible with the use of AT. There may be some redundancy with the identification of links as AT may announce the presence of links two times in a row.  Links and element purposes, identification of element states, values, and roles will be integrated into the next redesign efforts. Additionally, incorporating better use of ARIA and tab-index attributes, as well as better CSS to provide greater meaning or context, will be looked at more closely in future redesigns. 
Images and layout images are missing the alternative text attributes. Under investigation Q4, 2020 Assistive Technology (AT) can guide a user through the platform, but some elements are not always identified as clearly as they should be. There may be repetitious announcements of content, such as links being announced two times in a row.  The text equivalent for non-text elements such as non-decorative images will all have alt text applied to them in future redesigns.
Scripting language based components may not be accessible with the keyboard or assistive technology. Under investigation Q4, 2020 A possible workaround would be to disable CSS, so the content displays in a linear top-down way. Keyboard navigation would be possible, although laborious.    Future redesigns will make the carousel script work better with AT and the keyboard.
Video player and closed captioning and/or transcripts Under investigation NA Synchronized closed captions (i.e., English subtitles) are available in most films. Ensure future updates with the video player is accessible and videos support closed captioning and/or transcripts. 
FFUSA is missing clear and unambiguous headings and labels. Under investigation Q4, 2020   The structural coding elements will present challenges to users of assistive technologies. For instance, missing form labels and ARIA attributes, as well as poor semantic markup, do not assist in clearly identifying content or form controls when using assistive technology. Redesign efforts in the future will adhere more closely to WCAG 2.0 standards and guidelines. 


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Assistive technology can access Feature Films. It might take extra time for a user to familiarize themselves because of the limited accessibility features which are lacking in the current design.


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